Following a Cambridge PhD in Radio Astronomy, I worked for many years on a future new source of renewable clean energy – fusion. Fusion power stations, once developed, will produce abundant energy for mankind without greenhouse gas emissions.

I’ve published more than 100 papers on this subject and for a number of years was Director of the International Culham Plasma Physics Summer School. Astronomy continues to be a major interest: I am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London and a visiting scientist at both the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory and the Oxford University Department of Astrophysics.

There is an intricate link between composition and science. When we look outside ourselves at the outer material world we are in the world of science. The complexity of the outer world is governed by a few apparently simple laws of nature – mostly hidden from view. Music mirrors our inner nature, our psychology and our emotions. Composing music is one way we can try to harmonise with this inner world of thought and feeling. The knowledge we gain about both inner and outer worlds is understood in terms of models that have to be built. All models are proxies for the “real thing” and are temporary. I believe that what matters is the journey and not the destination; models help us make that journey.

I write music for films, production music publishers, and take on commissions for vocal, choral and concert music.

Since 1985 I’ve written a number of music soundtracks for training and information films, which have attracted industry awards. My production music has been published by Carlin Music (now Warner Brothers) and more recently also by DMPML – used throughout the world for a variety of broadcast programmes.

Recently I was commissioned to write the score to a full-length feature film (romantic comedy “Tortoise In Love” dir. Guy Browning). I conducted a 25-piece orchestra in Manchester’s Royal Northern College of Music. In 2012 the film was shown in cinemas in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In January 2013 my music was awarded “best original feature film score” at the Idyllwild 2013 Cinemafest in California. I have arranged the score as a fun solo piano suite.

For concert music, I have been awarded several commissions, ranging from music for a brass ensemble, string quartets to a sequence of carols for St. Alban’s Choral Society.