Also sprach Zarathrustra

I recently played to several hundred diners at Wolfson College Oxford’s Christmas (themed) Ball. The theme was about Intergalactic Space. So I opened with my own arrangement of Strauss’s “Also sprach Zarathrustra” (music from 2001 – A Space Odyssey) which really blew them away!

Sundome Music

First use of Sundome Music (see Blog for 10 Feb 2010) was very successful! A quote from Joana Silva, CCFE Sundome tutor: “The new music is fantastic. It adds enormously to the overall impact of our projects and we’re very pleased. Thank you, Geoff.”

Graphic Score?

There was an interesting performance “event” two evenings ago at Wolfson College, Oxford, exploring the correspondence between hearing and vision. Artist Mark Rowan-Hull (the college’s Creative Arts Fellow) painted six canvases while virtuoso oboist Chris Redgate (Royal Academy of Music Research Fellow), and violinist and composer Roger Redgate (Head of Composition at Goldsmiths College) improvised music. […]