I will be giving a talk on “10 really interesting things about telescopes”, in support of my OUP Book: “Telescopes: A Very Short Introduction” at 13:15 in with Q&A:


Oxford University Press is proud to return to the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival with another series of soap box talks from the very short introductions series.  These free, 15-minute talks feature expert authors from the series and take place twice a day in the Blackwell’s Marquee, next to the Sheldonian Theatre.

Astrophysicist Dr Geoff Cottrell describes the basic physics of telescopes and explores their history from Galileo to modern computer technology. He explains the crucial developments in detectors and spectrographs that have enabled the high resolution achieved by modern telescopes, and the hopes for the new generation of telescopes currently being built across the world.

Talk at the Oxford Literary Festival

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